Tips to Making the Most of Your Curtains as Part of Your Interior Decor

15 September 2016
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Your home is not just a place you go after a hard day's work, but it is also a reflection of your personality and your own personal style. As such, home décor will typically differ from one person's house to the next. Most people do not pay much attention to their home décor and thus end up with a mix and match of items that do not necessarily go together. This can create busy visuals in your residence that would detract away from pieces that may be attractive individually. Read More 

Three Common Carpet Stains (and how to fix them)

13 September 2016
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Over the course of a lifetime, a carpet will pick up a lot of dirt—and by-and-large all that's needed to control it is weekly vacuuming and an annual dose of carpet shampoo. There are a few potential mishaps that every carpet owner dreads, however, because they require immediate attention way above and beyond ordinary maintenance. If any of the worst offenders should find themselves blemishing your own beautiful carpeting, what can be done about it? Read More 

Why It May Be Wise to Order Exterior Shutter Samples

24 August 2016
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Is it necessary to order a sample of exterior shutters before you get a set for your entire house? Read on and discover some reasons why it may be advisable to first order a sample of exterior shutters for your home. You Can Compare Styles Exterior window shutters are available in a huge array of styles offered by different suppliers. Many of those suppliers have online stores where customers can browse through the available collection before picking what appeals to them. Read More 

How the Right Curtains Can Turn You into a Morning Person

23 August 2016
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Do you hate getting up in the morning? Whether you suffer from insomnia, or just consider yourself to be a night owl, hitting the snooze button day after day is no fun. You might have tried to improve things with a change of diet or routine, but did you know that the type of curtains you have can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep and the ease of getting up? Read More