Try These 4 Styles of Kitchen Splashbacks

18 August 2016
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A splashback is a type of material that are placed over the wall above your stovetop range and the kitchen sink in order to keep oil splatter and water from ruining the wall itself. There are many different materials and styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to modern. Here are some different styles of splashbacks to consider using for your kitchen.

Mosaic Tile

A very popular style of splashback for kitchens is to use mosaic tile. Most mosaic tiles are made of glass and come in a wide range of colours, though some of them may also be made of acrylic or other materials. For splashbacks, you usually get the tiles in sheets with different patterned colours so that you add the sheets to the wall, instead of trying to attach each one individually. This allows you to get a beautiful and vibrant mosaic tile splashback in a fraction of the time.

LED Panel

If you want to go for something a little different in your kitchen, you can instead install an LED panel above your range. This is something that provides more of a modern look, and also something highly original that you won't find in any of your neighbors' kitchens. The LED panel is typically a sheet of glass that is custom-cut to fit on your wall, then attached to the wall. Like LED lights, it can change to different colours set to a timer. This allows some light in your kitchen when other lights are turned off, but also protects the wall since glass tends to be much easier to clean when oil or water gets onto it.


Another option for your splashback is to go with marble for the wall. This is similar to the LED panel in that it is one panel across the wall that is cut after taking measurements, as opposed to smaller tiles. However, you might also be able to find marble tiles that you can attach to the wall and use as splashback. With marble, there are different ways to use it, from simply choosing a panel from a single slab of concrete, to going for two big panels of marble and creating a design with them, such as a type of butterfly effect.


Believe it or not, you can also use stainless steel as your splashback. You can also get this as larger panels or single tiles to attach to the wall. The stainless steel splashback works great in a modern or contemporary kitchen to add to your other steel accents, but also provide a protective surface that is easy to clean.