How to Get the Designer Ensuite Look

19 May 2017
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If you are updating your bedroom's ensuite bathroom or installing a new one from scratch, then you may well be seeking a professional design that would be in keeping with a five-star hotel. Often, domestic ensuites are poky little rooms which you cannot fit much more than a tiny shower cubicle and a pedestal toilet in. The key to achieving an ensuite that looks like it is the sort of thing you'd see in bathroom showrooms is maximising the amount of space you have available. No matter how much room you are working in, consider the following tips to ensure your ensuite feels as spacious as possible.

  • A Room With a View

Most ensuites feel cramped because they don't offer any sort of view beyond the close-by four walls. You tend to find this is the case when the ensuite is fitted against internal walls rather than external walls. If possible, always install a bedroom's ensuite where it is possible to fit an external window. If this is not practical given your home's layout, then an internal window with frosted glass is the next best option. A skylight is also a good way of bringing natural light in, so long as your ensuite bathroom won't be overlooked. This way, your eye line can extend from the space you are in when bathing, thereby helping you to feel less like you are occupying a tiny cabin.

  • Use Light Tones

It may be something that is mentioned in nearly every interior design blog, but lighter colours feel more spacious than darker ones. When you install tiles, they need to reflect light and to feel airy. White, or off white, tiles are preferable - and use pure white grout, too. Leave darker tones to the flooring only. Avoid deep colours like avocado for your bathroom suite because these add to the sense of smallness and are quite old-fashioned anyway.

  • Glazed Doors

With an ensuite that is connected to your own bedroom only, there is no real need to create a visual division between the two spaces - unlike a family bathroom, for instance. Keep your ensuite feeling larger than it actually is by using a clear, glazed doorway. You can replicate this open looking design with a clear glass of polycarbonate shower screen rather than something that creates a visual barrier, such as a shower curtain. If you do want privacy from time-to-time, then opt for auto-tinting glass in the doorway which you can turn on and off depending on the situation.