How to Choose Some Fabulous Made-To-Measure Curtains for Your Home Redesign

26 September 2018
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If you're in the middle of a major home renovation, you may have decided to throw all of your old ideas out and start from scratch. You may have been living with a design that was the brainchild of the previous owner, and it never really fitted your eye. So, rather than tinkering with bits and pieces, you have decided to begin with a clean canvas. Now, you'll be able to inject your own personality by painting the walls a particular colour, laying a different type of floor and bringing in custom furniture. You will need to pay attention to the window treatments as well so you can tie everything together to create the perfect look. If your old home featured blinds and you want to go one step better, then you will need some fabulous curtains, but how do you go about choosing these?

Tape Measure out!

It is certainly possible to buy premade curtains from a catalogue, but if you want the best outcome, then you should get made-to-measure curtains. Make sure that you pick a supplier who can provide you with premium-quality materials and who has extensive knowledge in making and tailoring curtains.


You will need to take measurements very carefully for each room to provide the width and length to the designer for them to get on with their work. Some people make the mistake of measuring the window itself, but you should mount your curtain track or pole first and then measure that for accuracy. Ensure that the pole or track extends a little over the side of each window recess so your curtains can open fully, and make sure that it is positioned a few centimetres above the top of the window, as well.


When you are measuring the length or drop, be careful to measure the entire length and to add several centimetres above the pole. Remember, the eyelets will be set into the curtain a few centimetres below the top of it, so it's important to be very precise with your tape.


There are various different options when it comes to the individual curtain's hang. You can decide to cover just the window and let it drop just below the window sill, or you can extend it a little further so that it stops just above a radiator. Alternatively, you can let it hang all the way to the floor, with just a centimetre between the bottom and the carpet, or you can opt for it to 'puddle' on the floor for extra style.


Next, pay attention to the hem and specify what type of stitching you require. You can choose visible, invisible or overlocked to bring two fabrics together. Remember, the designer may put some lead weight into the hem to make sure that it hangs perfectly straight when it is in place.

Making Your Choice

Ask your supplier if they can send you some fabric samples in advance so you can have a look at these in the comfort of your home and see if they fit in with your style.