Ways to Upgrade Your Venetian Blinds

27 November 2018
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If you are considering upgrading your living room, bedroom, or another area of your home, then Venetian blinds may be on the list of things to consider. Before you decide to trash the idea of Venetian blinds, there are some upgrades to consider. These upgrades can give you the coverage of Venetian blinds while giving you an upgrade to the room. Here are a few of those upgrade options that you can consider for your living areas.

Blackout Fabric Venetian Blinds

If the room you are renovating tends to be hotter or colder depending on the season, then blackout fabric Venetian blinds may help. This upgrade can help you maintain the temperature of the room easily while insulating the room from light and drafts. The misconception with the blackout fabric is the colour. Some homeowners are concerned the colour may be too plain or industrial. In truth, you can find blackout fabric blinds in a number of styles and colours to fit your room decor and renovation plan.

Natural Wood Venetian Blinds

If you are going with a natural, rustic, or farmhouse look for your room, then a natural wood Venetian blind may be ideal. These wood blinds come in options that range from real natural wood to vinyl options with a wood finish. The wood can range from pine to oak depending on the type of wood you are looking for. You can even find them in natural finishes that can be stained to fit the colour you want for the room. This is an ideal option if you have a rustic look where a solid wood finish may look too sleek for the room. The customisable options can give you the range you need for the blinds to fit in perfectly.

Internal Window Venetian Blinds

If you have storm windows or windows that have a space between the internal and external window panes, then you may want to consider an internal window Venetian blind. These blinds are placed between the window panes and can operate on a remote control device. They allow you to match the room finish easily and keep the blind safe from pets or young children that may damage it.

If any of these upgrades to your Venetian blinds sound ideal, visit your local home decor or home improvement store. You can find fabric Venetian blinds, wood blinds, and other options that may fit your decor. You can also find installation options, including store contractor installation with purchase.